Graduation 23 Style 1 Front only Min 20

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A graduation t-shirt is a piece of clothing typically worn by graduates and family to commemorate their achievement and celebrate their accomplishment. It usually features text or graphics related to graduation, such as the year of graduation, the name of the school or university, and the graduate's degree or program.

The t-shirt may come in different colors, with black being the most popular as it is a traditional color for graduation gowns. The text and graphics may be printed in various colors, including white, gold, silver, or the school's colors.

Some graduation t-shirts may also include inspirational or motivational quotes, humorous sayings, or images that represent the graduate's major or field of study. They may be made of various materials, including cotton, polyester, or a blend of both, and may come in different sizes and styles, such as fitted, relaxed, or unisex.

Overall, a graduation t-shirt serves as a keepsake and a symbol of pride for graduates, reminding them of their hard work, dedication, and achievement.